How to Setup Ubuntu on Digital Ocean with Apache, Mysql, PHP, Vsftpd(FTP), PhpMyAdmin and WordPress

Hey Guys ! Here I am feeling good to writing back something for you, So guys last week I was working on a Digital Ocean server setup with Ubuntu. So I faced too many problems during server setup where I am running a wordpress website which need Apache, MySql and PHP to run well on any server. And if you guys are web developer you must need ftp access to manage your website and phpmyadmin too. So here I tried to create a tutorial how you can solve out major problems during Digital Ocean server setup. So first we will review service of Digital Ocean here and understand why use Digital Ocean for best performance, because i don’t want to force you guys to change your hosting providers there are many VPS and Cloud Hostings are very nice.

So here we will learn today “How to setup ubuntu on Digital Ocean and How to Install Apache, Mysql, PHP, Vsftpd (FTP Service), phpmyadmin and WordPress“.  Here first we will learn and understand why digital ocean is best for your website.

How to Setup Ubuntu on Digital Ocean With PHP, APACHE, MYSQL PHPMYADMIN FTP WordPress

Why Digital Ocean is best for your website – Digital Ocean Technical Review

So if you will ask me why digital ocean, i will tell you just one thing “There is nothing like digital ocean”. Oh Really 🙂 Yes it’s right! But Why it’s best, do you have any proof show me. Oh you always want proof, it’s sounds like cheap. Yes the first thing i wanna tell you about digital ocean, it have really cheap prices as compared to others. You can get just one droplet and host multiple website in it, while they recommend one website per droplet and i will recommend the same thing for you. So you can buy a droplet just at $5/month. Your Question “Hey Rahul It’s Really costly man ?”  I can’t afford that. 🙂 Seems Greedy hmm!, ok I know you don’t know budget like this, wait “DROPLET10” it’s for you man, you can get 2 months hosting free with this $20 credit use this coupon code. So I think your problem solved, now just take a look at this $5/month means $5 x 12 – $10 = $50 / year is it costly. No 🙁 , but why, you are still sad, just go for it man. You will enjoy these few technical features in it.

Technically Best Digital Ocean Tech Review:

  1. Full SSH Access
  2. 512 MB Ram Server
  3. 20 Gb of Disk (Storage)
  4. Fast and Reliable

Everything in your hand, with an dedicated IP, you also have option of primary and secondary ip for your droplet.

So man what you want now in just $5, grow up and go for it. Buy Digital Ocean Droplet at Lower Price Use below link and use coupon “DROPLET10” to get $10 credit.

Buy Digital Ocean Droplet , I will help you in server setup with ubuntu, apache, php, mysql and phpmyadmin. So here you read why digital ocean is best. Now we will learn how to create a droplet in digital ocean.

How to Create A Droplet Into Digital Ocean

It’s a simple process signup using above given link and confirm your email after that link your paypal or credit card with your digital ocean account for future payment and when you after that create an droplet.

Don’t forget to use coupon, and see this image how to create droplet

How to Create Digital Ocean Droplet

As you can see there $5/month plan you can use that and select server location as per your choice. At last click to create droplet button. Your droplet will be ready to use within few minutes or seconds. After that you will receive a detailed mail of your droplet’s credentials, see below image:

Digital Ocean Droplet Creation Email Sample

Now you have credentials of your new droplet, It’s time to install apache, php and mysql to your server. So it’s too easy to do, you need only SSH client to do it. As i am using windows so i have downloaded an open source SSH client Putty (A SSH Client). For Mac you can search over google how to use SSH and for linux you can do it easily without any client.

How to use Droplet Credentials for first time | How to Access Digital Ocean Droplet

So  go to SSH client and it will ask you to enter IP, or you can access directly using IP. After that it will ask you for your username use root as username, after that it will ask for password, enter your password and press enter button.

Now it’s time to set your own password but before it will ask for you your existing password and then will give you options to create a new password and confirm new password. When you will be done with this. You will successfully access your droplet.

So first here as i want to install wordpress on this droplet and as we know i need apache, php, mysql to run it easily. So first we will install apache so we can run apache server.

How to Install Apache in Ubuntu over Digital Ocean

Step1: First use this command to get information about which service you already having in your system, and what updated versions of packages are available.

sudo apt-get update

Step 2: Install Apache Server

sudo apt-get install apache2

Step 3: It will ask you for an confirmation press Y for yes

Step 4: After that you will see apache is installed in your system, you can check apache version by below command line

sudo apache2 -v

Step 5 : At-last restart your apache server and type your ip in your browser and you will see a webpage means your apache server is ready to use

sudo service apache2 restart


Hey guys hopefully this post will help you to configure ubuntu on digital ocean with Apache. As i mentioned before we will learn how to install Apache, MySql, PHP, vsftpd, PhpMyadmin and WordPress, so yes will surely learn about it here. I am writing next part of this article mean while you can do above given steps and enjoy digital ocean cloud hosting. I will update it soon waiting for your comments and problem during wordpress, apache, mysql, phpmyadmin, php, vsftpd (ftp) installation over digital ocean ubuntu.

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