How do I Get my First Job as a Freelancer using and UpWork

So are you ready freelancers, do you know how to get jobs from freelancing sites like upwork and others. So after a personal review over this type of website i got there are lot’s of their own method, to show job feed, freelancer ratings, reviews and their ranks as well. So guys! 🙂 Are you interested in it, Do you want to get your first job easily without wasting much time in Freelancer and Upwork, which are trusted website for freelancing. So get ready here are some secrets to get jobs easily, within few days.

Get my First Job as a Freelancer Within Few Days

Get Freelancing Jobs Within Few Days:

So if you want to get jobs, you have to create your freelancing account over these sites, Freelancer.Com and Upwork.Com. Here I wanna let you know why I have chosen these two websites, because as I have checked and reviewed ratings and trust of website, I got UpWork and Freelancer.Com . So let’s start to Get Success Over Freelancing Sites.

Step 1: Create Your Account, over Freelancing Websites (Freelancer & Upwork) .

Step 2: Complete your Profile, as far as you can do. Add some pretty portfolios and website links into your account.

Step 3: Write an impressive Bio / About Me. Just follow similar one.

About Me / Bio

Step 4: Set a Professional Photo as an your Profile Picture / Account Picture

Step 5: Add some other Qualifications and Certification over your account.

Step 6: Choose your best skills and try to Qualify some Test / Exams. If you have good knowledge hope you can achieve your best. Otherwise you can search My favourite Google for some answer sheet of text or exam.

Step 7: If you didn’t did so don’t worry, Go to Find Work section and search job which you can do perfectly, but please 🙂 don’t bid on those project where you can’t produce a quality of work. Otherwise you will get lot’s of bad feedback over your account, which will be a big Loss of your Freelancing Career 🙁 .

Step 8: Before bidding on project you have to Read Full Job Description as a Examination Question Sheet.

Step 9: After Understanding Job Requirement, you can bid at your price, Keep in mind most important if it’s your first attempt, and beginning quote less prices, It will be a golden chance to get response from clients. And one more thing here “Bid on Low Budget Project”. You will definitely got the project, Here I am sharing a sample of Job Proposal.

Job Proposal Sample Text

Step 10 : Here do continuously the same procedure of bidding, and add some extra efforts to work and impressive text to your Job Proposal. Guaranteed you will get lot’s of job within few weeks. Only thing you have to do here regular bidding and keep patience.

Conclusion: How to get Online Freelancing Jobs

Freelancing is just a best way to get money and jobs without joining some offices, company or work shops. So you can get much more success with this tips. But keep in mind if you are working with Upwork.Com Please do bidding and work regularly, because there your hiring chance can be increased when you will do regular work and jobs. I can definitely tell you ” It’s a best way to get jobs using Freelancing sites “. Here is a tip for you, “Keep Some Patience and Do Bid Regularly“. Have a Good Luck!!! Guys 🙂

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