Creative Mind – How to be a creative web designer

Creativity not comes with human. It comes with nature here is a big place to grow your creative web skills online. Many times we have look for a creative web design and then think how they create it. But that’s not a creative mind you need to grow your skill by preactice. Practically i thought a man can dance out of earth this is the creativity. If i think i can dance in a dance floor that’s same thing. I also say to my students be creative, think different and be a great web designer. Few hours ago as i have seen in web industry people doesn’t have any creativity on their design. But today s different and far from good creativity. let’s start how to be a creative web designer.
Web industry requirement today:

  1. Multi color webpages.
  2. Uniqueness
  3. Well designed layout
  4. Responsiveness
  5. Hd retina display

Below i will teach you about creative web designing with these points.

Multi color webpages: Means today everyone want their webpages in multicolor not in a coloer like black, gray these odd colors. You should go for better color combination to create a web design. Such as also used some websites to see a good color color palettes.

Uniqueness: Uniqueness is most common things like human as you seen in this world every human has their unique face & also facebook id. So what are you copying others make your unique design today. Although you can search for web design but don’t be stupid with copy method. Think if they have created a rectange then you need a radius design. Although it’s your choice how you can create your own web design.

Well designed layout: ok don’t studip with layout of website as far as possible make your website layout common. Don’t make it dull, with multi structure. As i have seen in many websites they have created their web design so simple but their creativity is awesome as microsoft website.

Responsiveness: Today everyone need their website responsive because mobile, iphone, ipad users increasing daily. They need a screen responsive layout for their device. Here i will teach you how can you make a responsive layout.

Well I Have focused on these thing which used to make a successful website’s layout. Creativty not comes with any demo and training. If you have creativity then you can make creative design otherwise you can’t.

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