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Digital marketing plays a very important role to promote your business and it helps you to attract audience attention on your business, website or blog. Digital marketing use the internet services and online based digital technologies and digital media platform to promote your business, product or services.

In this article we will guide you through one of the most important and trending digital media marketing strategies which is “Video Marketing” strategies.

Audio and video contents are rapidly growing on internet via social media channels like Facebook, YouTube and numbers of visitors for video channels are getting larger day by day.

In this way, it’s a very popular market to promote your business using the “Video Marketing”. According to a survey almost every internet user spends few hours watching videos on social media platform and it is becoming their habits as well. Most of the biggest companies do have their own separate departments to handle their video marketing.

As this is a trending and very useful topic, we are trying to explore this to you. So that you can also take benefits for video marketing and can increase your business traffic.  We are trying to make this article simple, clean and easy to understand for you.

We are going to share few very important points which you should keep in focus while starting your video marketing campaign.

Set your objective or goals

Market study for latest trends

Create an eye catching video

Decide where to publish video

Monitor the audience response and view regular reports

Decide your video objective or goals

This is the first steps to start with anything. Before creating any video and starting marketing with that it is very important to understand few questions:

  • Why are you creating this video?
  • What are your expectations from this video?
  • Who is your targeted audience?

Apart from this normally marketing videos are made to:

  • Educate your customers
  • Promote your business/service/product
  • Brand awareness
  • To increase traffic on your website.
  • Increase sales for your business
  • To increase your online presence

I hope it will help you to understand the need of this step. It is very important that you should know what you are doing to do and why you are doing this.

Once you have your clear goals and objectives, it will easy to convert them into a useful and eye catching marketing video.  

Market study for latest trends

This another very important step to understand what is going on in the market. We call is latest market trends for example: if it is a Christmas time then most of the users loves to view videos related with this event, in the similar way, in a new year time latest trending videos are related with new year etc.

This is called to understand the market with latest trending videos. You should make your marketing video which follow the market trends, it helps you to get the large number of visitors or audience in less time frame and hence increase the chances to fulfil your objectives soon.

Apart from the latest market trending topics there are few more things which you can keep in mind while creating your marketing videos.

  • Video Type – Try to observe the internet market for trending videos and see their type. Are the live stream video, YouTube Video, Instagram video or any other type of video. You may have to create some multiple version of video to use on different platform as per latest marketing trends.  In 2019 facebook live streaming helped a lot of brands to increase their business and increase their brand awareness.
  • Short / Long video – Once you make a video for marketing, it is important to decide what type of audience you are focusing on. For example: YouTube audience loves to view long videos but Instagram audience or Facebook audience may not love long video. It important to decide the video length as per your targeted audience.
  • Adding stories – Adding stories for your marketing videos plays a vital role to make your video popular. It increases the curiosity level of audience and forces them to watch your complete video. Stories format adds the spice in your dish and I am sure it will help you in your marketing promotions as well.
  • Video Description – Once you upload your video you any media channel like YouTube, Instagram or any other media channel, it is important to add a usefull video description as well. It gives your visitors proper information about your video and helps you in search engine ranking as well.

Create your promotional video

This step is responsible to convert your ideas, research, your needs, your needs into an actual running video. First two steps help you to decide your vision and objective and now you have to make a video. Create a video as per your needs. It could be a:

  • Animation Video – Convert your goals or ideas into an animation video with proper work flow.
  • Carton Video – Sometime carton videos are very helpful to explains your ideas to audience.
  • Indoor video shooting – Shoot a video with some expert inside your studio.
  • Outdoor video shooting – If you feel that outdoor location will help to describe your ideas or your video purpose, and then go for an outdoor shooting as well.
  • Voice over or  real voice – You can decide with your team that whether you will use real voices or video models on your video or you will use some professional artist voice on vide using voice over.

We believe creating an attractive video is very important for video marketing. This video should be created in such a way that it explains everything about our video development needs and it should be audience eye catching as well.

Decide where to publish your video

Now, as we have the video ready with us, now the real video marketing will take place. In this step we will have to decide where we should publish this video. There are many video channels available in the market and we have to decide a channel as per your objective needs.

For example: if you wish to promote your business in your city only, then local cable operators or local TV channels could be a best place for you to promote your video.

In the similar way, if you wish to promote your business/product/service using your video advertisement on a global level then TV advertisement could be a costly choice for you.

But there are many Video Promotional Channels which works on Global level and yet very powerful tools. Yes, I am talking about the social media platform likee:

YouTube: You are is most popular video platform running on current time. You can upload almost every resolution video on it and it has a very big audience as well. You can upload your marketing video on YouTube and share the video link with your other social media accounts. You can embed this video on your website as well. Youtube videos will make a good impact for your website SEO as well.

Facebook: Facebook is one of the most popular social media platform and video content on it getting popular day by day. Facebook users love to view, share and like videos. Facebook live streaming functionality increased the popularity level of Facebook. Facebook videos autoplay in people’s feeds until users activate the sounds.

Instagram: Instagram is popular for its stories format. The another option is IGTV which helps to accept most type of video format. IGTV allow you to upload a 15 minute video if you upload them using your mobile device or smartphone and 60 minute video if you upload them using your laptop/desktop browser.

Twitter:  Twitter is just like the Facebook social media platform but it accepts video only unto 30 minutes. This social media marketing platform is good for short video promotion.
Twitter has millions of users on it and its follow feature is very popular. You can take help of some popular twitter user who has a large number of followers. You can have to pay them to publish your video on your account but it allows you to reach the actual and active audience.

Keep tracking of your video performance

This is the final and very important step. You have made the video and published it on one of more video channels. Now the important part is to view how your video marketing is performing. Keep review your video reports to check:

  • Whether number of visitors are increasing or not
  • Whether people are likes or dislikes your video or its content
  • Review users feedback
  • Review which video channel is performing better and which is not
  • Track how many users are redirecting to your website with the help of this video
  • Check whether this video is helping your to get more business lead or not.
  • Check how it helps to increase your sales etc…

Your regular report will guide you how you can make changes on video as per audience interest. It will help you to decide what type of video is getting liked the people most and which platform is most suitable for your video advertisement.

Final Thoughts

Videos advertisement or marketing always have a high edge over the simple text/image based advertisement. Once audio and video comes together in form of a Video, it makes a very impressive boost on your advertisement response your business.

We suggest you that once you start video marketing try to make different marketing strategies as per the publishing video channel and make videos as per them.

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