10+ Android Font Apps to Change your Mobile’s Look

As we all having smartphones in our hand, everyday technology is grooming and we are enjoying cool features of our new smartphones, Oh Yes 🙂 I am bored with iPhone, here I am talking about Android Mobile and it’s cool apps. So Guys! if you having an android smartphone so you must try to change font’s of your device. You can do this by installing apps on your phone. Just increase level of interesting user interface by Android font Apps.

So guys I am sharing here some font apps of android with you. So ready to enjoy interesting User interface on your smartphone. Here is your apps and their download links are ready. So just click and install apps to your mobiles, enjoy smart looking device.

Android Font Apps for Smartphones
Android Font Apps for Smartphones

Best Android Font Apps to Change your Mobile’s Look

So here we have lot’s app over Google Play Store but few of them are best and useable for all of you. So i recommend you those fonts applications which i already using in my smartphone or already used. But due to my thoughts i have installed others and give a try to new apps. So let’s begin the PLAY 🙂

1. Stylish Font : It will give a stylish curly looks to your mobile’s text. It having various font’s in it

2. FlipFont 50 : It is a pack of 50 most stylish fonts in android planet and comes with cool look.

3. iFont: The app comes with new & stylish fonts, you can download 100’s of font’s via this app.

4. FontFix: It is another free android font app comes with 4300+ fonts.

5. FlipFont Love: This font pack also contains 50 fonts in it. With stylish and curly design.

6. Fancy KeyBoard :  Fancy keyboard comes with most likable keyboard themes and unbelievable fonts.

7. Galaxy FlipFont : It is also called as pencil font pack, it will install new fonts in your device automatically.

8. Fancy Fonts : This font is basically designed to give a fancy look to your mobile phone.

9. Font Studio :  It’s a most useful font collection and editor which gives you to make your photo text ready.

10. FlipFont 50 Written : This is basically designed for Samsung Galaxy and HTC mobiles, includes 50 fonts.

11. Fonts Script : Script FFT or Font Script is designed for Galaxy Smartphones and comes with 10 free fonts.

So as we here checked and got some ideas which one is best for your mobile phone, so I think you are ready for installation of one of these apps. Hmm! I think you are searching for download & installation link of these fonts, so I am going to share it with you.

Android Font Apps to Install

Font App NameDownload LinkDetails & Demo
 Stylish FontDownloadDemo
FlipFont 50DownloadDemo
FlipFont LoveDownloadDemo
Fancy KeyBoardDownloadDemo
Galaxy FlipFontDownloadDemo
Fancy FontsDownloadDemo
Font StudioDownloadDemo
FlipFont 50 WrittenDownloadDemo
Fonts ScriptDownloadDemo

Conclusion & Android Font Apps Review

So here over this whole article we have checked some android font apps and some of them we have installed in our smartphone. But guys after installing these apps i am totally happy with all these apps. But it’s depends on you, because i am not sure about your choice and taste of User Interface. So guys it’s lil bit mysterious me to judge these apps for you. So enjoy all apps and share your experience of android font apps with me. I will helpful to you guys and mention you all in my next article or this same article. Thank you in advance 🙂 Keep enjoying free resources.

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