How to become a Google Adsense Expert & Tips to Make Money Online ?

Hey Guys! Here I am back with something important for you About Being an Google Adsense Expert and Making Money Online Tips. So do you know what is Google Adsense, and How you can Make lot’s of Money from it. So here I will try to give some feedback and suggestion for you. May be it will be beneficial for all publishers who want earn a huge money from their website. So guys my first question is, “Why you are using Google Adsense and why your are making your website / blog”.

So guys As We know here we will learn about “How to be an Adsense Expert, and Make Money Online without a huge investment“.  As I asked “Why you are using Google Adsense and why you are making your website / web blog” this question to lot’s of my guys in a survey. So after survey with some of my guys, I saw their they want Money from Google Adsense nothing else, even they are making websites to earn huge amount. So guys, is it a good way to earn money asap. My answer is “No 🙁 not at all”, If you will create website / blog for users, I think it will give you lot’s of opportunity to earn money. So please ” Don’t Spam”. Just do regular blogging and update your website regularly, I am sure you will get lot’s of response and huge money from your visitors / users and Google Adsense too. So first here we will learn what is Google Adsense.

How to become a Google Adsense Expert, Tips to Make Money Online
How to become a Google Adsense Expert, Tips to Make Money Online

What Is Google Adsense & How to Make Money?

Adsense is an Advertising Platform by Google, which allows publishers to show ads and monetize their content with revenue, on the CPC (Cost Per Click Based), Google Adsense includes, Text, Images and Video ads, which target to site content and audience of website. Google also pay you on the basis of CPM (cost per thousand impressions). As google use it’s highest level or advance technology to serve ads over publisher’s website / blog. So here in this whole article we will learn about Google’s Ad serving technology and about Google’s publishers terms.

How to Become Google Adsense Publishers / Get Approved Google Adsense for New Site ?

The biggest question is how to get approve by Google Adsense. So guys first you have to create a website / blog, you can create your own website using blogger / worpress. Follow below steps to get approved from google adsense.

Step 1: Create your Own blog / website using. / / Get hosting and Domain to create blog.

Step 2: After creating website / blog you have to write Good Content, and please keep in mind don’t spam, Just create unique, articles, posts, webpages. More then 15 Web Pages.

Step 3: Give a quality an make sure you have a quality organic traffic over your website. Google Adsense don’t want Huge traffic to show ads / get approved adsense account.

Step 4: Go to

Step 5: Click to Sign Up and fill the Google Adsense Application.

Step 6: Wait for few hours / days / weeks, Google will inform you by mail and they will give you a javascript code to analyze your website.

Step 7: After placing the code google will check your website / blog. And after few days your application can get approved. And you will get approve google adsense account.

Step 8: After that Google will send you an PIN (Personal Identification Number) to your address.

Step 9: You have to enter PIN to your Google Adsense account and after that Start Earning Money Online from Google Adsense.

Here I have explained how to be an Adsense Publisher, or Get approved Google Adsense for my new blog.

How to Become Google Adsense Advertiser / How to Invest on Google Adwords ?

So guys here, I am going to tell you, How to be an Google Adsense Advertiser, Or how to show your ads On Google. please follow below steps:

Step 1: Make sure you have an Online Product, Service, Or you have a way like website to show your business online.

Step 2: Visit to

Step 3: Use Google Adword Keyword Planner, to get ideas about business, service and your competitors.

Step 4: Create a Campaign using Google Adwords.

Step 5: Setup your ad, Pay for your campaign an wait for get approved the ad.

Step 6: After approval your ad will be show, and you will get lot’s of online customers using Google Adwords.

Why you Have to read Google Adsense Policies.

What about Google’s Digital Advertising Ecosystem ?

So in Google Adsense Advertising Ecosystem there are 3 Players, who played their role to make this ecosystem. So these 3 players are:

  1. Users
  2. Advertisers
  3. Publishers

Where Adsense Advertiser provides high quality ads to publishers, and promote a business or product.In return Publishers shows those high quality ads to lot’s of users. Google Adsense always care about there users, and user experience. So in this ecosystem google adsense made it a perfect relationship with all these 3 players. Hence the ecosystem of google adsense is made from all users, publishers and advertisers. So as an publisher don’t think negative like Adsense don’t care about you or their publishers. The adsense support team care about you, and alway thank to you being a publisher at google adsense.

Why Users Trust Google Adsense ?

So the question here why users trust adsense, why they don’t get bored with adsense ads. so here is answer:

  1. Adsense having family safe policies, like the Adsense never so pornographic, nude and any other ads like spam, and force downloads, etc.
  2. As we can guess something from our sense, so there google adsense choose ads or show ads according to content. As google recommend publishers to write unique and non-copyrighted content, so they can serve you better or high cpc ads.
  3. Google Adsense always shows relevant ads, such as i am writing here about google adsense and making money tips. So the ad will be relevant to my topic and content, sometime google shows ads according to browser history. Hence google adsense want to give best experience to their ad network and want to be trustworthy always, and maintain their ecosystem.

Google Adsense Policy Violation Actions.

How to Get Much More Revenue, CPC, CPM from Google Adsense ?

Prevent Google Adsense from Warnings, Disabling or Banned ?

What to do after Getting Warning from Google Adsense ?

How to get Google Adsense Policy Support ?

Best Tips & Tricks about Google Adsense Earnings ?

How to Make Lot’s of Money Online From Google Adsense ?

So guys hope above given information were useful to you so there are many ways to make money online, but the monetizing your website’s content or making money from google adsense is really a good sound. And Google Adsense is a trustworthy network, so I recommend you guys please use google adsense and make money online. Here i didn’t explain many points in this article as you can see above, within few days I will come with much more information about Making Money tips & Google Adsense Tricks.

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