How to create duplicate page or post in Wordress?

WordPress Content Management System is very user friendly and easy to use system which makes it popular among millions of users around the world. It’s easy to use and user friendly admin user interface allow your manage your blog or website in a very easy way.
You don’t have to be a developer or technical expert to manage your website.

This is the main reason why most of the blog website is built on WordPress CMS and WP users love to work on this platform.

WordPress allow you to create Pages or Posts for your blog or website in just few clicks and just put content on it and publish it.

Sometimes we just want to make very similar post or page or product in our website with very minor changes, in such cases we have to repeat the same step again to do the similar work. That is the reason many WP users looks for a quick and easy solution to handle such tasks. In this article, we will discuss a very easy and simple way to duplicate a page, post or product in your website so that you don’t have to repeat the same work again.

And finally, edit that page/post or product page for minor changes and make it live by publishing it.

It this article, we will discuss how we can duplicate or clone a page/post of your website.

How to Duplicate a WordPress Page or Post?

As we are WordPress users and we know about the power of WordPress plugins and most of our tasks become very easier with the help of WP plugins.

We are going to use a Free WP plugin to complete our requirement to duplicate a post or post.

Are you ready to know about you?
So, let’s do it!

  1. First of all we have to download a plugin called “Duplicate Post” from WordPress plugin directory. Download this plugin by clicking here:
  2. Install this plugin and activate on your website.

Once you activate this plugin, you are ready to enjoy the powerful feature of this plugin.

Now, if you want to duplicate a page of Your WordPress website, then visit the pages section on your admin panel and take your mouse cursor to the page which you want to duplicate or clone.

Once you take your mouse cursor to the page name, you will see two new links are added with your page edit options.

  1. Clone: If you click on this option, it will simply duplicate the page and you can see it on the page list.
  2. New Draft: If you click on this link, it will duplicate the page and it will open this on page editor in draft mode. Now, you can edit it or publish it.

In the similar way, if you want to duplicate a post you will have to do the same here as well.

And similar way, you can do for your products if you have WooCommerce installed on your website.

I am sure the above instructions will help you to save your time and allow you to do the similar work in easy and fast way.

Advance options or features of “Duplicate Post” plugin

As we already discussed about how we can duplicate/clone a page or post in our WordPress website. This is the default feature of this plugin but we can use the advance setting options to customize this plugin for more options.

With the help of its advance settings we can edit and manage some advance features.

What do Copy:

This options allow us to select what we want to copy when we use Clone or New Draft option to pages or posts to make a duplicate copy.


As the name defined this tab settings will allow you to select the users role who have permission to make clone or duplicate pages/post. You can select role as per your choice and also it you can select which post type should be allowed to have this duplicate or clone feature.


 Finally, Display tab to choose where you want to display the clone post links. By default, the plugin shows them on post list, edit screen, and admin bar.

Once you make the changes as per your needs, save the changes and you can ready to enjoy this plugin features.

Final Words

Creating a duplicate or clone copy of your page/post and finally applying changes on this and publish with new name allow you to save your time efforts. We can do it via custom coding from backend as well but this wonderful WordPress plugin is already available to save our time.

I suggest to use this plugin “Duplicate Post”, to create the similar pages/posts or products with minor changes on them. It will reduce your efforts and it will increase your working speed as well.

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