Top 3 Ways to Make Windows Bootable USB Drive in 3 Minutes

I think you are here because you have loos your windows, having corrupted windows problem or a new windows installation. So here is your question “Can I Boot my PC with USB Pen / Flash drive for windows installation ?” Answer is No, You can’t, it can be done by floppy disk or just hard drive or CD/DVD Drive. Hmm! Are you Joking Old Man 🙁 ? yeah yes I am Joking, you can surely Make Bootable Pendrive to Boot / Install Windows all versions including XP/7/8/8.1/10. So Tell me ASAP how can i make it Possible. Hey Young Man just wait dude, “Kyoki Hum Avi Jinda Hein (I am still alive!)” Oh! it’s too much fun here :lol:. Now guys I don’t to waste your much time here but guys before starting booting a pen drive you must care about these few points.


Care about Few things Before Making A Win32/64 Bootable Pen Drive

So here what are the biggest mysteries behind this bootable drive, which are still hidden. So guys there are nothing like hidden things apart from some steps and clearing some doubts about it.

– You need a Pen Drive, It’s size must be more then windows size (Min 8GB which i recommend / 4GB can also work fine)

– Pen Drive Must be all clear, there should be no data in pen drive. (Use Well Formatted Pen Drive)

– You Must need a software to make bootable pen drive (eg: rufuse, for Non-Technical)

– An windows disc image, file extension will be in .iso format.

– You must know about Windows Version (Win XP/ Win 7/Win 8/Win 8.1/Win 10)

– You must know about Windows Type (Win32 known as Winx86 or Win64 known as Winx64)

– Winx64 is best in performance compared to Winx86.

So here we have discussed some important points which you need to prepare before the windows Installation on your PC. Now here in this article we will learn How to make bootable pen drive and install windows in few minutes.

Make Bootable USB Flash / Pen Drive Technical
Make Bootable USB Flash / Pen Drive Technical

How to Create Bootable Pen Drive and Install Windows (Technical)

As we previously discussed about few things which you need to care about. Now here we will learn how to create windows bootable flash / pen drive to install windows on your personal computer.  so just follow below given steps to create bootable pen drive

– Insert USB Flash drive to your Computer

– Go to start menu right click to command prompt and run Command Prompt as an Administrator.

– Type “diskpart”

– Type “List Disk”,  and press Enter, which will shows flash drive disk name Such as (Removable Disk (F))/ Something else not the number or letter of USB flash drive name as you can see here is (F).

– In command prompt add new command line by typing “select dish (X)” where x is the USB flash drive name, as here in our case it will be “select disk F” and press Enter

– Now Type clean and Press Enter it will format the disk (This operation will erase all the data of USB Flash Drive)

– Now create a new partition in Flash drive, which will be primary, Type create part pri and Press Enter.

– It’s time to Select primary partition, Just Type “select part 1” and Press Enter Key.

– To format the partition, Type “format fs=ntfs quick” and Press the Enter Key.

– Now Type “active” or “assign” and Click Enter.

– Type “exit”, Click Enter and now get rid from this question “How to Make Bootable USB Flash Drive”.

– Now it’s time to copy all your ISO file data / windows files to your USB Flash Drive or Pen Drive.

Make Windows Bootable USB Flash / Pen Drive & Install Windows (Non Technical)

So here previously we have learned a technical way to make bootable flash / pen drive using command prompt now it’s a time to done the same process without having technical knowledge about Windows Flash Drive Booting Process.  Now here are some free and open source software available to make windows bootable pen drive. So just follow below given steps to make it possible.

Download Rufus a Free Open source Software from Official website of it.

– Choose Device Such as My Device name is (Removable Disk (F)) then i will select it.

– Choose File System NTFS/FAT32 (Accordingly Mostly NTFS used)

– Check Quick Format, Create a Bootable Disk Using and Create Extended label and icons files.

– Next to the Create a Bootable Disk Using choose the disc image file of windows operating system.

– Click to the Start button to create bootable USB Flash/Pen Drive.

– When the process will complete, you will have an Windows Bottable USB Flash/Pen Drive.

Make Bootable USB Flash / Pen Drive Non Technical
Make Bootable USB Flash / Pen Drive Non Technical

Windows Installation with Bootable Device

So here previously we have learned how we can make a bootable pen drive without any technical skills now here are some steps to install windows desired version. So you can follow below steps to install windows 7/8/8.1/10 using pen drive.

– Connect USB Flash / Pen Drive with your computer

– Enter to Bios and press boot button such as f12 or in some system it may be esc.

– After entering to boot system, it will ask to enter any key, so press enter key.

– After that a prompt will open and ask for windows installation press install button.

– Enter Product key of Windows such as “XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX”.

– After entering product key proceed to next, there it will ask for disk partition.

– Now you have to create primary disk part, by deleting old part / new disk part. But be sure make that primary partition.

– After that you will proceed to next and after few seconds window will install successfully to your PC.

So in this article we have tried to cover windows installation and making bootable pen drive through a software which is free and open source, means here non technical persons can create bootable flash / usbn drive. We will describe it much more in next article of this session.

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