How to make your first website’s html structure : Web Design Part-3

Whenever we talking about web design and development. Ever think about how they build this website. But you don’t worry about that how can make your first web structure.Today you will learn here how to make your website’s first html structure. First i want to tell you what is html? HTML is an web scripts which show website content in a browser. HTML stand for HyperText MarkUp Language. Html founded by world wide web agency w3c.

How to make your first website Read Below:

Today html’s new version came with name of HTML5. Let’s start to make your first html document. Now before know about how to create. You should knoe how to detect an html page. Whenever we visit any website we have seen like this: or As we have seen in both website an .html and .htm extension at end of file. Means these are html document. Let’s know how you can seen source code of a website. Just press right key of mouse and click to view page source you will seen html source element of webpage. let’s focus how html website code developed:

[CODE]<html> //used to define it’s html document

<head> // the section used to include head scripts, stylesheet and other header informtion.

<title>Your Webpage Title</title>

<meta charset=”UTF-8″>//define chrecter set i am using UTF8 General used.



//in this section all content comes which you want to show for useres.




Basic Html structure to make your first website.

It’s a simple and easy structure of any webpage. You can create your own webpage today many tools are available to create your html webpage such as dreamweaver, Notepad++, Microsoft FrontPage. You can download these tools from their official website i have discussed about these on my last article : Helpful Tools To Develop Website You can make your own html website design using these all tools without having any knowledge of website design. Website development is not just a jock it’s a tough work to do. Whenever You will search for how to make a html website structure you should need to learn by this article how i have created this website structure using html.

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