Top 5 WordPress Election Voting, Online Contest & Poll Plugin 2019

A survey, poll, online election voting or contest is a best way to get users response and you can make a better customer relationship without any CRM Tool. Yes with the surveys you can earn feedback of your users. Here I have read few days ago a business method which is called “Get Feedback and convert it into Feed Forward”. So here as we know the WordPress have a big share of the web at this moment which is almost 1/4th part of web. Now here today I am going to introduce some best plugins which will fits on your requirements as lot’s of customers asked me for a better solution for polling system / booth system. So the questions were : “Which one is the best WordPress Poll Plugin ?”, “Which is the best WordPress Voting Plugin ?”, “What is the best WP Survey Plugin ?”, “Which plugin can be used for election voting or quiz?”, “Best WordPress Contest Plugin”

TOP WordPress Election Voting / Contest Plugin Review 2019

So after a week of study on plugins and a test drive with each plugins i made a comparison between all plugins and really i want to tell you that we have an awesome list of WP poll survey quiz voting plugins. So let’s start with it:

WP Poll Survey & Voting System PRO

WordPress Poll Survey & Voting System – Online Contest Plugin

This is really cool plugin available in market if you want to add an election voting, or image based, OTP based voting, multiple options voting with real time results. Where you will get voters IP Address, Voters Name, Voters Email, Mobile Number etc. Which is really awesome and makes this first choice of mine. Yes really I Found there are no plugins available in market like this.

Yes I will don’t recommend it for a quiz system, because quiz needs multiple question but for voting, online poll & survey it’s an awesome and perfect choice for every website owners or bloggers. The plugin comes with wonderful User Interface where you can see GRID/LIST View two types of view available to show poll with multicolored buttons and progress bar even you can choose your custom colors.

Price : $28/License + Free Support + Paid Support

Free Download : Available

User Ratings : 5 Stars

Post Voting WordPress Plugin

WordPress Post Voting Plugin

This Plugin is also a cool plugin where you can ask to your blog readers to rate / vote for your content, yes it’s not a good solution for election voting but it’s a good solution for voting on content. It’s a plugin simply like Facebook like system. But here you can see LIKE/UNLIKE button, so the other user can know that the post is really cool/worst. I found this is helpful for feedback conversion into feed forward.

With it’s PRO version you can customize buttons and text as per your choice it’s really wonderful to see this feature and it will cost you bit liter then previous but the previous one is a big module and only product with perfect match for online poll/voting system.

Price: $19

Free Download : Not Available

User Ratings : 4 Stars

Vote Up Down WordPress Plugin

Like/Dislike Vote Up Down Plugin

This is another voting plugin available in WordPress, not available any free version in market, it’s an comprehensive plugin comes with more then 15 themes in this plugin means you can change the UI and your User Experience will be refined.

But this doesn’t provide features like our top rated plugin like here is no IP based facility to prevent from fake votes which is one of the most common issue with all voting solution across the world.

Price: $39

Free Download : Not Available

User Ratings : 3 Stars

QuickPoll – Easy Poll Creator

Quick Poll – Questionnaire Plugin WordPress

This is another best plugin in Market available for creating polls in just few minutes. Here you can create polls by entering a question and multiple choices there, where it will look like a questioner. Here are poll search option available from which you can search poll. Here is one click vote options available with results / analytics. User can create poll with tools and they will have a profile here.

But with these all plugin including this there is not feature like which will prevent spamming on your voting system.

Price: $35

Free Download : Not Available

User Ratings : 1 Star

WP ULike – Like and Dislike Plugin

WP ULike – Like / Dislike Free WordPress Plugin

It is next plugin here which have some analytics features and voting features like here you will get like and dislike feature like Facebook or other social networking websites. It’s an free plugin available on github and WordPress’s Plugin repository ( It is used to engage your user or give them facility to rate your content / posts / articles.

This is perfect plugin for like and dislike system but if we will go for election or voting plugin then our top listed plugin is perfect solution.

Price: Free

Free Download : Not Available

User Ratings : 3 Stars

Final Words – WordPress Voting / Election / Contest Plugin Reviews

Our top listed plugin is perfect match for your upcoming contest and voting like election polls booth or online polling website. It is best with it’s support and awesome ui and features. But we don’t wanna let down any authors who have developed these plugins these are awesome and too good but if we will talk about voting and contest the first one is recommended. Perfect plugin. You must checkout once all plugin if there is free version available. We always recommend before moving to pro go always for free version of any plugins or any products across the marketplace or buyer site.

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