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Epoll 3.0 PRO became Best Rated WordPress Voting Plugin, Online Contest & Election System of 2019-20 Across the Globe. WP Poll Survey & Voting System is user poll / user voting and online contest system WordPress plugin. It offers a quicker & flexible way to insert polls into your blog post, or site anywhere just by adding a shortcode. It comes with list/grid design and advance User Interface which is mobile responsive and it comes with advance admin panel, where you can add images in options too. Custom OTP based voting, Custom OTP Form Builder, Custom UI Design, Enable Unique Vote, IP Based Voting, Multi Voting, Online and best WordPress election voting plugin

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WP Poll Survey & Voting System is user poll / user voting and online contest system WordPress plugin. It offers a quicker & flexible way to insert polls into your blog post, or site anywhere just by adding a shortcode. You can run some gaming, election, event contest via this plugin. It comes with list/grid design and advance User Interface which is mobile responsive and it comes with advance admin panel, where you can add images in options too.

Key Features of WP Voting System


Here Are Features Of PluGIN – Hope You Will Enjoy OUR Plugin

Online Election Poll

You can Add Online Election Poll for upcoming election across your area, country etc.

OTP Based Poll

Add SMS / Email Based OTP (One time Password) Verification for online poll, voting, election, survey.

Custom Form Builder

Build Custom OTP (One Time Password) Form via Form Builder

Unique IP Based Voting

Block IP for voting, unique user can vote at once for single or multi candidates/option


Here You can read how to deal with  this plugin or control on plugin

How to Install Epoll Voting System Pro

It’s too easy to setup once you will buy this, You will receive an email with license key “Eg: ITWCMODS123456789”.

And Download Link of plugin, or you can get it from My AccountOnce You will get zip file you can go to wp-content/plugins/ upload here. Or you can login to your websites dashboard “” In left hand side you will see menu named plugins. Click on that and then click to add new button and Click to upload (But before doing this entire process please deactivate Epoll WP Voting System’s previous Version if you have else you can directly upload and activate this plugin). Once activating this plugin go to InfoTheme WP menu -> in sub menu you will see voting system -> settings “You can activate this plugin’s pro features by inserting valid license key.

How to Add Poll in Plugin

Once you will activate plugin in WP menus you will see, “ePoll” Click on that and Click to Add New. Just use features of plugin as you want like:

Voting Status -> Live (For Live Poll) / Ended (When Poll Ends)

Enable OTP Based -> Select Yes if you want OTP (One Time Password Based Voting Validation from Mobile / Email) based voting (But don’t forget to enabled it from Settings of plugin)

Voting Style ->  Choose Grid View (for better presentation with images), Choose List view for optimal use.

Multi Voting -> Choose Yes (If you want that voter can vote for more then one option/candidate in a single poll)

Choose Background Gradient -> Choose color of background gradient from color picker according to your choice.

Choose Button and progress bar UI Style -> Choose this as you want to go with. It will change User interface of buttons and progress bar also it will show a cover related to UI (but it won’t show cover color if you will put there cover images in options)

How to Add options

You can add options once you will jump in add new page “If you are already there you need to click into Add Option Button“.

After clicking there, you will see a box appended with Option name , Option Image and Option Cover Image

Option Name -> Eg : Option 1 (If poll is who will won cricket world cup final then option name may be India)

Option Image -> Here will come the image of option as you have it you can just click to upload button and proceed for Uploader and then click to “Insert Button”.

Option Cover Image -> Here you can set cover background image for each option separately

If you want to add multi option as you want you must click and you will see there options fields as per click “Currently Options position change is not possible via drag drop but you can manipulate your data as you want”.

Once you will done with all settings you want to put in add new poll section just publish it. And you will get an Poll Shortcode there which you can directly place into Posts and pages to show multiple poll’s in a single page.

How to Add Poll into Posts & Pages

Now you can go to add new post section and page section in middle of content you can add poll you will see there “A button in WordPress Classic Editor / Default Editor”. There you can put poll id in prompt and place it in post where you will see shortcode like [IT_EPOLL id=”123″][/IT_EPOLL]

You can set type of poll via shortcode as you want 
[IT_EPOLL id=”123″ type=”list”][/IT_EPOLL] Or 
[IT_EPOLL id=”123″ type=”grid”][/IT_EPOLL]

How to view results of poll ?

In Dashboard you will see a menu named InfoTheme WP there you will see Voting System Sub Menu click on that and you will see results of voting now you can click to view button and see poll results. There you will see who is Winner. You can also see voter’s details there if you have enabled unique voting from settings then you will see IP based result and once you will enable OTP based voting your choice of data will be shown to you.

How to change settings of plugin ?

There are lot’s of things to understand whenever you want to change setting of plugin.

  1. Enable Unique Voting – > If you will click yes it will allow voters to single vote from a single IP (IP Blocking Voting Plugin feature). If you will allow multiple voting for a plugin then voter can vote for multiple options at single time.
  2. Disable Branding -> We just set our plugin’s lite version’s download url in it. You can disable it in Pro Version.
  3. Show A Poll in Popup -> You can choose a poll which you want to show in popup it will create a popup in your website and will show to everyone once in a day.
  4. Enable OTP Based Voting -> Here are four options where No => Means Don’t enable. Email Based Means OTP will send to email, Mobile Based will send to mobile and Both type OTP means it will send OTP to email and mobile both.
  5. SMS API Key -> Get sms api from bulk sms service provider and ask them for api key.
  6. Enter OTP Salt -> It’s a security salt used to create OTP (You can use any random hash string like “43343732kjdhjdsdsASSD3ds”) or leave it empty.
  7. Sender API URL -> Ask to your sms api provider for an http request based api user “Put that without message and mobile and api key parameter” (If you want help on this contact us anytime at[at] or visit us
  8. Receiver EMAIL Shortcode -> When you will build an otp form “You need to put their an email field copy the id of field and put like this [VOTER_DATA_VAL id=’ba16′] instead of  ba16 you need to put id of that”
  9. Receiver Mobile Shortcode -> When you will build an otp form “You need to put their an phone field copy the id of field and put like this [VOTER_DATA_VAL id=’ba16′] instead of  ba16 you need to put id of that”  (Remember these two fields will help receive email / phone based otp )
  10. VERIFICATION EMAIL -> You need to create an email format which will sent to your customer (If you have worked in contact form 7 previously then Our OTP Form builder is same as that)  here you need to use fields provided in Yellow Strip Line (But keep in mind it will show there once you will create form via builder which is below this). 
    [IT_EPOLL_OTP] = Use for OTP CODE , 
    [IT_EPOLL_VOTING] = Use for Poll Name
  11. VERIFICATION SMS TEXT -> It is same as previous you have to manage sms according to your need.
  12.  REDESIGN  CONTACT FORM (OTP FORM BUILDER) -> You can customize your form according to your need but we recommend less fields in it like Form Title, NAME, PHONE, MOBILE and Submit button which will looks great. You can design it according to your choice in next to builder you will see preview of form.
  13. During Form design process if you will miss something click to reset design button and create form again. Keep in Mind fields will required as per your otp requirement “Like if you have both type otp enabled you need at least one email field and one phone field and submit button is must in each and every form”
  14. That’s all click to save changes button and enjoy the plugin’s features, but in lite version of plugin you can’t enjoy the plugin’s feature of settings.


Frequently asked question by users / You may have these questions in mind?


Check preview of plugin with images

124 reviews for Epoll 3.0 PRO – Best Rated WordPress Voting, Online Contest & Election Plugin of 2020-21

  1. Tenon verified buyer

    I was really waiting for this product since you told me on whatsapp. But after along wait i received this and it was really awesome products by you. Yes guys i didn’t get any offer from you regarding this but i am happy by using this plugin. really wonderful wordpress poll plugin 🙂

  2. Bret Miller verified buyer

    wow plugin for voting in wordpress, thanks a lot InfoThem Inc. we would love to see your next products

  3. Marko Milic verified buyer

    Firstly when i had convo with your support on facebook it was really nice to talk and your plugin is really cool. Thank you so much for kinda product in wordpress especially for candidate voting and yes the user interface is really cool 🙂 I would love to see your next products and next update on this plugin. And the thank you for shining support team. First time I saw an awesome product from India.


  4. Nik Froehlich verified buyer

    Really awesome plugin for election voting system, you saved my time and money guys thank you. Good luck Developers and the InfoTheme Support

  5. Chris Frost verified buyer

    I was waiting for license key, and when i saw your support it’s awesome guys thanks a lot. And for this wordpress poll plugin i thumbs up always

  6. M. Azhar verified buyer

    Awesome support, awesome plugin i loved and my client is happy with your plugin. Thank you guys you saved my time and money

  7. Jon Sternoff verified buyer

    Awesome plugin, Best plugin ever seen you guys made me.

  8. SHYAM SUNDAR DASH verified buyer

    Nice, you are the proud of our country, I want some modification as per our telephonic conversation please do it. And i know you guys will help me out in next version as you promised. Best support for wordpress voting plugin in india as per my experience

  9. Rakesh Singh verified buyer

    thanks your product saved my time. nice plugin

  10. Harpreet Singh verified buyer

    happy new year to you, nice plugin please provide new version with counter, any estimated date i am waiting for it. Thanks awesome product by you guys

  11. Manoj Singh

    Thanks for this nice product, i m using the free version and want to upgrade it soon by this week.

  12. Asbiro Investors verified buyer

    this is really cool plugin for voting, i loved this plugin. And 5 star support nice guys keep it up. i love to see something new from this marketplace and specially from developers of plugin. never seen plugin and features like this in any plugin.
    Best wordpress voting plugin ever

    Asbiro Investors

  13. edy wijaya verified buyer

    Cool product, Ui is easy to understant

  14. kyle verified buyer

    nice plugin and perfect price you saved my lot’s of time. thanks

  15. AIKATERINI verified buyer

    Finally i got the pro version tried lot’s of time via paypal. But now this awesome product is in my website

  16. KALEPALLI SRILALITHA verified buyer

    Nice plugin and tech support is helping me us to resolve my issue since few days. And loved this product & service

  17. Nathan L Aguilera verified buyer

    Nice and the pro support worth $15 is awesome thanks for making nice election plugin

  18. Andreas verified buyer

    cool purchase, and look wise it’s awesome. Some feedback like you must add counter in it which will help much more. They have guaranteed me in next update it will be their it’s nice to hear.

  19. majed verified buyer

    the plugin stands on my requirement yes i recommend others to use PHP 7.0 it works much better in latest php version thanks. Loved the product

  20. ALOCHAN PUROHIT verified buyer

    Pro support worth $15 solved my problem in just 24 hours. And the best thing is and indian company is making product like this. it makes me proud to be indian and specially a doonite. Dehradun based company is making this type of products make me proud. Thanks Rahul

  21. Yogesh verified buyer

    Fast support reliable product

  22. Kumar Saurabh verified buyer

    Superb and immediate support.

  23. Алексей verified buyer

    Hi firstly i got idea to use this via wordpressorg’s platform, and this is the product who fills my requirements. thanks author

  24. Pamela Afaneh verified buyer

    Awesome product by Infotheme Team, best voting plugin ever seen on wp

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    awesome ui, awesome product and the best thing is your support (this is really 5 star)

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    Thanks “Rahul” bro, i know how tough you worked on customization of plugin, And i appreciate your passion of building something new and for your support (thumbs up always). And i always wanna share my upcoming with you. Let’s start working together. Love to know about that the C.E.O. is very reliable man from India. And he is cool in doing business and know how to work well with products and clients. I appreciate your team’s hard work which you have done in last few days.
    Thanks a lot to you guys. And one last thumb for your tram’s ui ux designer. And obviously once again thanks to Rahul bro

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    best with newpaper theme in wordpress it is what i needed

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    Woooooow you saved my time thank you InfoTheme Pro Epoll

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    Perfect helped me in configuration thank you, Best support on time support and wow UI and the OTP Feature is perfect to prevent unwanted votes

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    Perfect WP Voting plugin. Thank awesome support

  52. Eddard verified buyer

    I am From US and their chat /whatsapp telephonic support made me happy in my time. Thanks a lot perfect people perfect plugin for voting

  53. Warren verified buyer

    Awesome plugin i will rate it better then other plugin available in codecanyon. This is perfect and awesome.

  54. Roberto Morea verified buyer

    Purchased Customization Level 4 worth $328 and got what i wanted thanks, Got user based voting, voting on posts and voting for listings with listing pro theme thanks

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    I am from kenya, And was googling for best wordpress plugin to vote or make unique voting / survey in my website final go this and it is perfect match love it

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    Perfect Plugin Ever Seen 🙂

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    this is only plugin in industry for online voting, perfectly designed ! nice

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    Need some features like registration/login etc, But anyway perfect plugin

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    First time saw such product from India, Perfect guys keep it up

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    Perfect!!!!!!voting plugin

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    Need a video tutorial please, Plugin is perfect! need some work in documentation

  75. felixkawimbe

    Agree with previous review needed video tutorial for configuration, Support if fantastic!!!!

  76. Guillermo verified buyer

    nice plugin! guys are supportive thanks

  77. Tomasz Bigus verified buyer

    It seems A complete solution for online voting, and contest too

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    Licensing system is perfect ! -> reliable author beautiful ui

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    User Interface of this plugin is soooooo much beautiful

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    Only plugin for voting across internet

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  86. Henry

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