Top WP Hosting Solutions, Companies Review 2017

Everyday competition is going too high and everyone is searching for top web hosting companies / solutions across the world. So whenever we thought about to choose a best solution for wp website hosting in 2017 or ever we got confused. Do you know why ? Because there you have to solve a puzzle to choose best web hosting company. Yes you are getting right there are lot’s of colors in this puzzle and how can you choose a color to make it solve. So I don’t want to make it more confusing Hmm! 🙂 Okay so let’s discuss about Best web hosting solutions across the world not only India, Canada, Australia or somewhere else. Here we will discuss and surely I will compare all the website hosting company which provides best web hosting for WordPress CMS. As we can see here lot’s of competition available in market where some hosting companies categorized there Web Hosting solutions. Such as Best Joomla, Drupal, Magento or WordPress Hosting. Means now hosting companies providing categorized solutions for all customers across the world. So here were too much confusion in this article and now I am ready to explore features of WP web hosting solutions and yes I will also share here which one is best for you. Before moving to a best hosting solutions for WordPress. But before checking it here will learn which factors you have to measure for Best WP Hosting

– Server UPTIME 

– Load Time / Speed

– Bandwidth

– Customer Support

Factors to Measure for WP Web Hosting

What is Server UpTime ?

Uptime means when a computer is operational or running program in it. In the term of Web Hosting Server is a computer as we know it’s a super computer which hosts a website where uptime means how long it will run website and live online.

What is Load Time / Web Server Speed ?

Load Time is defined as how much resources download via internet for a specific client request, such as when we start browsing a website so we enter web url to browser, then browser takes few time to load whole website with all it’s design components including video audio text and html files. So web server speed measured as how much time it takes to complete client side request and response to client request.

What is Bandwidth ?

Bandwidth is a term of web hosting which is a measurement of data transferred in a time period to customers via a specific website across the internet. In web hosting the term is measured in monthly basis in gigabytes mostly. So before getting a web hosting for your website you must know about their bandwidth means how much bandwidth they provides you monthly. Sometime it is calculated as per day limitation of data transfer.

What is Customer Support ?

Well! everybody knows about it, what is actually customer support it’s something like Pirates of the Caribbean 5 (Dead Men Tell No Tales) returns into the industry. Did you get it ? 🙁 umm! no. Okay it means as the director and production house or host team serving back to back best series and entertain you, means they care about you although they are getting a huge amount. So same thing here Hosting Company always ask for a good amount and if they give you real time support such as live chat, forum, ticket support or telephonic customer support then you have to hand shake with those hosting providers otherwise :-1:

Best WP Hosting Solutions Across the World
Best WP Hosting Solutions for your website

I think all your doubts to choose best web hosting for your website or specially for wordpress website has been cleared, So should i proceed to tell you something about some best wp web hosting companies. NO! 🙁 , But why please just clear us how can we setup or optimize wordpress for better performance according to all four web hosting factors. Oh’O guys it’s really tough to explain how to boost your page on Google Page Speed, because it’s a long procedure to make it 100% as it’s an SEO factor too. But rest i will suggest you just install AutOptimize WordPress Plugin it will definitely help you.

Things keep in mind before getting a WP Web Hosting Solution

So as we know wordpress is a PHP Based CMS which supports CSS3 , jQuery too and as we know it’s a popular cms for website management and it’s really useful and easy for everyone so few things are here which you need to keep in mind before getting a hosting solution for wordpress website.

– PHP 5.5 + Supported Web Hosting

– Don’t go for Windows Hosting / Choose Linux

– Choose Apache / Nginx Server

– Server Should have Cache, gZip Compression feature.

– Latest MySql, Phpmyadmin Version

– MySql Connection Limits (Most Important in an Hour / Minute)

So these are some important factors which can make your wp website faster and keep that alive always. So guys don’t go for cheap and poor hosting solutions, go for best & cheap price and Faster / Higher / Rich Web Hosting Companies, who gave you best package for it.

Top Web Hosting Companies for WP Website

Here now we will checkout some best wordpress hosting providers and know why really they are best for our wp website hosting, so let’s go to purchase an awesome server for your evergreen cms and lovely website.

– Digital Ocean Hosting

Do you know why always go for Digital Ocean, yes you can ask to me why always Digital Ocean. I know them they are the best VPS hosting providers in the earth and everything about Digital Ocean is great, Yes i appreciate hosting solution of Linode but I love the Digital Ocean, Because it will give you an awesome feel to host your website. Yes if you have no programming knowledge here you can contact me directly to setup your digital ocean server for wordpress website. If you want some discount so why you are waiting i have a great deal of $10 free for you so Grab This Deal from here. Trust me you will enjoy this hosting, to setup digital ocean server with optimization contact me @ whatsapp ++91-84392216 FIVE ONE.

– Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion hosting is another hosting solution for WordPress which really surprised me but not more then Digital Ocean because DO is cheap and best. But InMotion hosting is also too fast, reliable and their customer support is fantastic, means you have to try them yes they are best in the industry for WordPress hosting if you are looking for how fast it is so check the server speed which we analyze in this test.

Inmotion Hosting Review 2017 - Speed Load Time Test
Inmotion WP Hosting Review 2017 – Speed Load Time Test

Inmotion Hosting Server Test Details:

Testing Server Location: Portland, OR
Hosting Server Location: Washington DC
Max Response Time: 836.78ms
Minimum Response Time: 478.42ms

– Site Ground Hosting

Site ground is one of the best wp hosting provider and it’s hosting packages are just cheap and reliable for everyone. So if you want to buy it for your wp hosting at $3.95,  If you are still confused to buy it you must check the server speed here:

SiteGround Hosting Review 2017 - Speed Load Time Test
SiteGround WP Hosting Review 2017 – Speed Load Time Test

Testing Server Location: Dallas, TX
Server Location: Chicago, IL
Max Response Time: 1.79 seconds
Minimum Response Time: 669.9 milliseconds

Rest web hosting solutions for your WordPress website I will review soon and let you know about them, Yes here I really want to provide you best information about WP web hosting companies. If you really loved this article and want to know more about WordPress website hosting, setup of web server so please don’t forget to contact me at my WhatsApp number and Facebook page i will definitely help you in it.

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