Most effective ways to make your WordPress Blog Popular

Do you have a WordPress Blog but it is not coming on Google search results for your prime keywords?

You are paying your development team to get results for you but still waiting for results?

Do you want to increase your website ranking yourself?

WordPress is already very popular content management system for Blogging. You already using a best platform for this. Congratulations!

Now, let’s come to the real point, how we can make it popular. Frankly speak; we cannot make a blog popular in just 1 or 2 days. It is a regular process where we have to work on multiple things at the same time. In this article, I will share few very important and useful ways with you which you should follow to make your blog popular and get ranking on popular search engines.


Your Blog content will act as a Heart for your blog body. It is very important to have unique and quality content. If you can improve your writing skills time to time and focus on content quality and its topics, you are going in very good direction.

It will automatically do everything for you. All search engines crawl every websites for unique, creative and quality content. It is very important that once you write content on your blog follow few points:

  • Don’t use copy and paste content from other websites
  • You can get inspiration from other authors content but use your creativity to make it unique and different
  • Try to improve you writing skills time to time
  • Try to use creative content focused on your targeted audience
  • Try to write content in such a way that it increase curiosity in your audience mind
  • Focus on latest trending topics in your blog
  • Before writing any content try to do some little research on that topic as well.
  • Write short, medium or long articles as per your targeted audience

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is another one of the important aspect to make your WP blog popular or getting good rank on Google search engine and other search engines as well. There are two types of SEO which you have to do:

  1. On Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO

On Page SEO:  

In this you work on selected keywords into existing internet pages with keyword saturation and density which is needed to achieve the top 10 rankings by modifying and optimizing the crucial areas in your site’s source code. The accurate implementation of server levels adjustments will guarantee your site to be user friendly. Here’s what will happen after applying all the above mentioned points:

  • Utilizing key phrase factors like keyword density, relevancy and position.
  • Page markup factors like title, meta, anchor, alt etc
  • Using H1/H2/H3 HTML Tags.
  • Optimizing home page content
  • Google Analytic
  • W3C Validation
  • Sitemap : Google / Yahoo / Bing

Now, the real questions comes, how you can do this?

As you having a WordPress Blog website, so simply install best free/paid SEO plugins and you can handle everything about on page SEO using them. Few best SEO plugins are:

  1. Yoast SEO plugin
  2. All in one SEO Plugin
  3. Rank SEO Plugin

OFF page SEO:

This is responsible to establish your positive “Online Reputation Management” which is also known as Off Page Optimization. Whether its creating your website’s profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ etc. or blogging your heart out to gain higher SERPs (search engine results pages), we are here to help you out. Some of the other Off Page Optimization techniques are: Blog/forum marketing – Writing promotional articles on other blog or forum website about your website blog or your website blog articles, so that you can take traffic from there.

Search Engine submissions: Submit your blog an your articles link to all popular search engines so that they can know about it as soon as possible. It will help you to rank you BLOG as soon as possible.

Link Building

Video Marketing Great way to promote your blog. We will explain this in later in thi article.

Available on Local listings  –  List your blog on locat listing directories

Article submissions – Submit your blog articles on most popular article submission websites. It will create back link for you wbsite.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most popular and effective way to increase regular readers on your blog and also to invite more readers or authors for your blog. It automatically increase traffic on your blog website and it will help in increasing is Google rank as well.

Here if you start finding that everything is related with each other. Once everything starts working together, we will be able to see results.

In email marketing, what we do is we make a list of users (these can be our subscribers, authors, readers, or new users in the market) and send them our promotional emails to know more about our new articles or our offers.

It increases our trust with them and creates a strong bond with them as well.

Don’t try to send emails manually one by one to all please!

There are so many email marketing companies like optinmonster, MailChimp and many more which allow you to create email campaign and start email marketing.

You can setup “Subscribe to our newsletter” sign up form on your blog where blog readers can subscribe and you get their emails to send them promotional emails time to time. There are many more effective email marketing strategies but we will discuss them later in some other topic someday J

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the most popular marketing media now a days and helping almost everyone to grow their business and for promotional purpose as well. We can utilize the power of social media to make our WP Blog popular as well.

  1. To do this, first of all connect your all social media accounts with your blog like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, youtube etc.
  2. Once you write any article on your blog, share that article and article photos on your social media accounts as well.
  3. Add share option ( share article on all possible social media accounts ) on your each post or article available on your Blog Website.

In WordPress you will find many free plugins for “social media sharing” and they will handle everything for you automatically.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the fastest ways to get audience attention and getting popularity but it is all depend of your needs and budget as well. Video marketing can be any type:

  1. Showing advertisement of Television
  2. Showing advertisement on local cable or TV channels
  3. Video marketing on Youtube, Instagram, facebook etc.

In this article, I am expecting that you are having a WordPress Blog website and you want to do basic video marketing for your blog which you can do yourself.

I suggest you to create few simple promotional videos either animation or normal simple video and share them on popular social media sites like YouTube, Facebook etc.

This will attract users for your blog and they will redirect to your Blog website and it will increase that you get more regular readers for your blog as well.

To know about “Video Marketing” follow this link:

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is very effective and most organic way to promote your WP Blog. In this method we allow other Bloggers to write their article on our Blog website normally it contains a backlink to their own blog website as well but as more bloggers start writing content for you, your WP blog website will become full of content and it will be very helpful for both of you.

As any new blogger write content on your website and attach a backlink to their website, you attract blogger website audience as well. Every time a new post is written by a blogger all his/her subscribers (audience) will know about this new article and they will reach your WP Blog as well. Similar way, your website audience can reach to blogger website as well.

It helps all of us in a good way and helps everyone to increase the number of audience and ranking on popular search engines as well.


This is very unique and interesting technique which you can use to get more audience on your blog by writing some quotes or share other popular authors article links on your blog articles.
I know you must be wondering that we are sharing other websites links; it means we are sending our website users to other website so how can be this useful to us?

This process called influencing other popular authors by sharing our traffic to them. It makes positive impact on our website in two ways:

  1. It will prove our blog readers that we focus only on quality content if this content is shared by other popular authors we allow you to reach their as well. It will increase our trust between us and our readers for sure!
  2. By mentioning influencers in our post, if any our reader goes to influencing author website to read that article, it will show our good wellness to them as well. It will help to take their attention on our blog as well and it will increase changes that in future they can also use us as influencer in their blog articles.

Contribue to Upvote Communities

Upvote communities are websites where users submit content and vote for the content which they like most. Few popular upvote communites websites are:

This is a great way of sharing about your blog but before you start sharing about your WP blog website on these Upvote communities, you should find a correct community and participate as a commenter and have conversation with other users after that start sharing about your blog with them.

Update Blog time to time

Being up to date is always very important for a blog. It tells all search engines that there is something going on your website and they will understand that this is an active website. Try to focus on these points:

  • Write new articles on your blog time to time
  • If you get some more information for your any existing blog article, then update that post/article and add new information
  • Update alt tag and image description for your blog posts images
  • Allow guest user Sign-up, so that they can also submit posts on your blog
  • Reply to comments posted on your blog article time to time.

Once you keep updating content on your blog time to time, It will be very helpful for keeping search engines busy to look into your website and hence it will increase your website ranking and popularity as well.

Google Analytic to view regular reports

Connect Google Analytic code on your WordPress Blog, it will help you to monitor live, daily, weekly or monthly traffic on your website.

It will guide you which articles are getting more views and which articles are getting bounce back, in this way, you will be able to understand your website audience interest and it will guide you to write posts/articles on your blog as per audience interest.

It will also let know your website visitors location and their time when they reach website. In this way, you can publish articles as per your targeted audience time zone, hence it will increase changes to get more views/comments on your blog articles.

Review, monitor and take action as per Google analytic reports.

Final Thoughts

Creating a quality blog and making is popular is a challenging task but if you follow the above listed strategies, you will find that everything is very simple and after few weeks you will start seeing results as well.

I have tried to make this article very simple for you and didn’t go into the deep, so that you don’t get confuse. If you find this article helpful. Let me know your comments.

Happy Blogging!

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