WooCommerce Popup and Email marketing to increase traffic

WooCommerce Popup & Email promotions to increase sales

WooCommerce based online store are getting popularity day by day. You can easily develop, manage and maintain your WooCommerce store as it works on WordPress CMS. Once you create an online store and setup your products on it, your next step is always to get customers on your website, so that actual sales can be performed.

WordPress websites with WooCommerce facility gives a variety of advantages to you. Its super easy and attractive admin dashboard allows you to control over your whole shopping store. You don’t have to be an expert to handle this. After setting up products, shipping methods, taxes, payment method etc. You hope that your website can get good number of visitors and start making purchase on your website. But an actual sale doesn’t start with only Hope. You will have to work for this. Normally, you work on many marketing strategies to increase number of visitor on your website like: SEO, Digital marketing, Social media marketing, Video advertising, email marketing, branding etc.

In this article, we will cover how you can increase leads or visitors on your website by using simple wooCommerce Popup and email marketing. Pop-ups are one of the most effective ways to increase traffic and sales on your website.

How Can I make attractive Pop Up to increase sales on my WooCommerce website?

How Can I attract my website customers to keep visiting and make sales on my website?

Where to use Pop Up on my website and which time?

We need to understand that if we want to increase our sales, first of all we need to focus on increasing the number of visitors on our website and once any visitor visit our website; our primary motive should be to convert them into our real customers. Let us understand this concept step by step.

  • Create and use Pop-ups on your WooCommerce website
  • Use of pop-ups to show different type of discounts
  • Capture new visitor email using pop-ups
  • Start email marketing or sending promotional emails to your registered users or subscribed users


Create Attractive Design pop-ups with discount coupon or information

WordPress Plugin market offers you are variety of plugin to create and use popup on your market. One the most popular WooCommerce popup builder plugin “Convertiply” 

Allow you to create beautiful Pop-ups to collect your visitors email and you can turn them into your long term customers by providing them attractive offers time to time.

There are so many free and paid popup builders for WooCommerce are available on WordPress plugin directory. Some of them are:

There are many more…


Use of Pop-ups in Different way

You can create different types of pop up for your WooCommerce store and use them in different way to attract your website visitors and customers as well. Few popular pop up are listed below:

  1. Popup for new users: You can create a popup for first time users and give them a special discount using coupons. In this way you can take attract them to make purchase on your website.
  2. Leaving so soon discount popup:  You can track your website visitor’s activity on your store and create offers as per the activity. For example: If any visitor is trying to explore your shopping store and trying to leave your website, it could be possible that visitor is trying to leave website due to pricing. In this way, you can show a nice looking popup and to give some specific discount to that user. It can change your visitor mind to make an actual sale for you.
  3. Events based popup or festival based discount popup: You can show special discount popup on your website home page and product page if there is any special event or festival is coming. It attracts your regular customers and new visitors as well to keep visiting your website and looking for offers and make purchase.
  4. Limited Time Discount Offers Popup: Keep tracking of your website visitors’ activity on your website. Most of the time visitors do visit your products and spend a lot of them on your store as well but they leave website without making any purchase. You can create few discount popup which shows a discount for some limited time period. For example: discount for only one hour or 1 day etc.
  5. Discount Offers to promote shopping: You can create few discount offers to provide some free items on some limited items or some special free or discount if user make some certain amount of purchase. For example: If you purchase 2 t-shirt gives them one another free, anything like this. I hope you understand my concern.


Capture new visitors emails using popup

You can create an email capture form with pop and show to your new users. It can be a:

  • Subscribe to our newsletter pop up
  • Create a pop up to give some special discount to your visitors and ask them to share their email to get this discount coupon

Getting your visitor emails will be very useful for you and your visitors a well. You can use these emails to send them promotional or discount emails time to time. It will increases changes to keep your visitors returning on your store and make purchase. On the customer’s point of view, they will also get time to time discount related information on their emails and they will be always up to date about your website offers section.


Start email marketing to your registered users or subscribers

Email marketing is one of the oldest and trust worthy way to promote your business and increase the traffic on your website. Once you get a list of resisted users on your website using “subscribe to newsletter” or any other way. Start email marketing in different way:

  • Create different campaign for different purchase for example:
    • Sending event or festival based discount
    • Send them regular news or posts about your company, blog news or shopping store. So that they can be up to date.
    • Promotional emails
    • Thank you emails for being a regular customers with you.
    • Sending email for new products available on store as per their shopping history.
    • Special discount offer emails.

Final thoughts

Marketing strategies are always needed and very important for any eCommerce store to increase their sales and number of visitors a well. Marketing and advertisement industry is getting bigger day by day due to its importance for every business.

For an eCommerce website with WooCommerce on it, you can use its inbuilt marketing strategies like “Email capture and pop up marketing ways”. You don’t have to be an expert to handle this and you don’t need to hire anyone to do this. You can create, manage, maintain and use pop up and capture emails of your visitors as per your needs.

Apart from this you can do some other simple task on your level as well. Like:

Redirect visitors from other sources

You can work on few popular blogs to write some positive and attractive articles about your website and your products. So that you can take traffic from these blogs to your website as well.

Win your customers heart by providing them special offers

  • Holiday offers (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.)
  • Special occasions like their birthdays or anniversaries
  • New products
  • Customer success stories
  • A personal anecdote about your own journey

Social media sharing for your website and products

Create social media pages or accounts for your website and keep them updating time to time for new products, success stories, special offers etc. Also, once any user visits your website for products give them option to share your products on their social media accounts as well.

Allow your customers to make purchase using social media accounts

Setup shop on your social media accounts or redirect users from these accounts to your actual WooCommerce website.

I hope this article will help you to increase your sales and visitors on your website. Good luck!

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